Cover Reveal: The Shadow Realm – Book 4 of The Age of Dawn

Hey guys! I’m super excited to show you the cover for my fourth book:



Here’s the evolution of the book cover starting with the initial sketch. I didn’t like how this was going, so we scrapped it.

1 book_cover_rough_sketch















…and came out with this

2 book_cover_base_sketch_values















pulling in some more details to become:

3 book_cover_wip_2















Oh, shit. Walter had his hair cut short at The Silver Tower, so we needed to fix that + add some color:

4 book_cover_wip_3
















Getting closer to the finished product. NEEDZ MOAR BLOODZ!!

5 book_cover_final
















Things got nice and bloody here and I fell in love! This is sort of a little insight into a scene from the Shadow Realm.




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