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Sunday Matinee 10/23/2016

Here are some of my favorite videos from youtube this week. Most are merely entertaining, some are quite helpful.

I spent a good chunk of time working on my microwave last weekend, this week, and the week before that… and was duly defeated. Home Depot has once again successfully pried open my wallet and extracted my hard earned cash to purchase a new one. I found this video really helpful for finding the root cause of the problem, though I tested everything except for the magnetron and transformer, which would have required me to take the unit out from the range to get to it. At that point I succumbed to defeat, as the replacement cost for these parts becomes high enough that it doesn’t make sense to replace them on a six year old appliance. When do you decide to fix it or junk it?

I thought this rear mount escape for BJJ was very cool, though I have yet to try it. Do you do martial arts? If so, which type?

AMAZING set by Skrillex in the Boiler Room. If you like EDM (Electronic Dance Music) you have to listen/watch this!

My car is eight years old now with over 160,000 miles. I’m hoping to drive it into the ground. I couldn’t help but do a little online car shopping and found the Ford Fiesta ST looks like a pretty sweet car for the money. With a few grand more you can turn into something a bit more fun.

This is a hilarious video about all of the “bad” things marijuana does to a community. The arguments posed in this video are flimsy at best and to me quite comical.

Here’s a great episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Jesse Ventura, a former Navy SEAL. He’s had a quite an interesting career.

Clash of Clans – ALL Witch Attack! These guys are fast becoming one of my favorite units. Do you play Clash of Clans? I love this game!

That’s all, hope you have a great Sunday!

Sunday Matinee – 8/21/2016

Sunday Matinee – 8/21/2016

In lieu of writing a blog post, here are some of my favorite videos I’ve seen around the web this week.

A great talk by Tim Ferris on all manner of subjects. I always learn something when I listen to him. He has a fantastic podcast too:

A simple and effective way, maybe a reminder for some, on how to break a bad habit:

I thought this was a really cool way to help some people who’ve fallen on hard times:

In case you wanted to know how to remove solder from a plumbing joint. I needed a reminder for replacing a leaking valve in my house:

Really excited for this game: Quake Champions.

If you like trance/progressive dance music, check out this awesome set from Nina Kraviz

An informative breakdown of some BJJ chokes in the gi: