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New Shadow Realm Cover (The Age of Dawn Book 4)

Here is a “behind the scenes” look of the cover creation process for the cover redo of The Shadow Realm.  The main goal of this cover is to depict Grimbald going to war against some Cerumal. I’m quite pleased with how it came out. Sebastian is an amazing artist. Find his work here

First he usually sends me some concept work based on the character’s description like this:


Then he proposed some positions for Grimbald and we decided after some discussion to go with number II.



Next Sebastian sent me the following iterations:


Cover Reveal: Ascending Shadows – Book 6 of The Age of Dawn

Ascending Shadows Cover Reveal

I’m very excited and pleased to show you my new book’s cover and title. The manuscript is still a work in progress, but the cover art and title are done. Here’s the progression. Enjoy!

Ascending Shadows

A good first start for Senka and Isa


Things are starting to come along here...

Things are starting to come along here…


Getting there...just needs some finishing touches

Getting there…just needs some finishing touches


Final version without text

Final version without text


Ascending Shadows - Book 6 of The Age of Dawn

Ascending Shadows – Book 6 of The Age of Dawn




Cover Progressions – Stormcaller, The Lord of Death and The Silver Tower

I thought it would be cool to show you the cover progressions for both Stormcaller, The Lord of Death, and The Silver Tower. You can find The Shadow Realm’s cover progression here I have uploaded them all as full sized images, so if you click on them you can see all of their glorious detail. I left the final images without the book’s text so you can really see all of the awesome artwork.

The artist who has created all of these for me works on His name is Promit and you can hire him for work here.

Without further ado, here they are.

Stormcaller – Book 1 of The Age of DawnStormcaller 1Stormcaller 2

Stormcaller 3

the_last_warrior_progress_5the_last_warrior_final_clientThe Lord of Death – Book 2 of The Age of Dawn

lod 1lod 4lod 5lod 6The_Lord_of_Death_2400x2400The Silver Tower – Book 3 of The Age of Dawn





Cover Reveal: The Shadow Realm – Book 4 of The Age of Dawn

Hey guys! I’m super excited to show you the cover for my fourth book:



Here’s the evolution of the book cover starting with the initial sketch. I didn’t like how this was going, so we scrapped it.

1 book_cover_rough_sketch















…and came out with this

2 book_cover_base_sketch_values















pulling in some more details to become:

3 book_cover_wip_2















Oh, shit. Walter had his hair cut short at The Silver Tower, so we needed to fix that + add some color:

4 book_cover_wip_3
















Getting closer to the finished product. NEEDZ MOAR BLOODZ!!

5 book_cover_final
















Things got nice and bloody here and I fell in love! This is sort of a little insight into a scene from the Shadow Realm.